Beginning more than 25 years ago in Germany, PNE Group has grown to be a successful global “Clean Energy Solutions Provider.” We are proud of our reputation as one of the most experienced developers of onshore and offshore wind energy. Building on that success, we have extended our expertise into PV solar, storage, green hydrogen and power-to-X. As a publicly traded firm we have grown internationally, and we now serve the American market from our Chicago headquarters.

We Bring Our Passion for Energy to All We Do.

PNE USA is a leading renewable energy company with projects in development and operating throughout the United States. As a subsidiary of the PNE AG Group, headquartered in Germany, our experienced team is committed to successfully developing, financing, constructing, and operating utility scale wind, photovoltaic solar, and energy storage projects. We are driven by the belief that a better future will be built on better energy choices. With this belief we are dedicated to making that better future happen.

We Foster A Clean Energy Economy.

Renewable energy sources are now a mainstream option in nearly all parts of the world. Over the past few years more renewable power capacity has been installed than fossil fuel and nuclear power combined. Renewable energy sources now account for over one-third of global power capacity. They have been proven reliable and safe and are, very often, the lowest cost option. As one of the more established companies in the business, the PNE Group plays an important role in the expansion and adoption by utilities of renewable sources such as wind and solar in the USA and internationally.

We recognize that battery storage systems are an important complement to our wind and solar projects. As pricing for batteries continues to decline, we will see greater use of energy storage systems to enhance and modernize the electrical grid. PNE is a leader in researching and deploying these new technologies, with a highly qualified team devoted to exploring new opportunities.