PNE Group, a pioneer in the renewable energy business, began developing wind farms in 1990 – first in Germany and now internationally. As we have expanded our energy development expertise into solar and battery storage technologies, we maintain the same high standards of quality and transparency and value long-term, competent partnerships. We are proud of our portfolio of high-quality projects, planned and implemented responsibly. The quality of our projects is matched by the quality of our partners – landowners, investors, suppliers, and consultants.

PNE is respected for responsible land use practices and for our collaborative approach to successful project development. We are known for our creative and flexible solutions to local needs and challenges.

We recognize that energy generation is a long-term process and a long-term commitment. Our 30-year history demonstrates our dedication to being a reliable and trustworthy partner.

While we began as a wind developer, our commitment is to the future of renewable and clean energy. As other resources become economically and operationally viable, we will continue to expand our capability and capacities to meet and master the opportunities they offer. In the United States we pursue growth in highly targeted geographic and growing markets, where our experience and specialized expertise can add the most value to the development process. With our pipeline of more than 3,500 MW of greenfield solar and wind projects, we are contributing to the country’s energy self-sufficiency and renewably, sustainably powering the future.

  • Projects realized
  • Regions under development
Projects Realized.
Project State Nominal output (MW)
Snyder Wind Texas 63
Mozart Wind Texas 30
Wagner Wind California 6
Vivaldi Wind Montana 80
Burleigh Wind North Dakota 200
Waikoloa Highlands Solar Hawaii 50
Pinyon Creek Solar Utah 398
Spiritwood Wind North Dakota 50
Total:   877 MW
Vivaldi Wind
Nominal output: 80 MW
State: Montana
Burleigh Wind
Nominal output: 200+ MW
State: North Dakota
Waikoloa Highlands Solar
Nominal output: 50 MW
State: Hawaii
Snyder Wind
Nominal output: 63 MW
State: Texas
Mozart Wind
Nominal output: 30 MW
State: Texas
Wagner Wind
Nominal output: 6 MW
State: California
Pinyon Creek Solar
Nominal output: 398 MW
State: Utah
Spiritwood Wind
Nominal output: 50 MW
State: North Dakota