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​The relationship with the landowner is important to us. We consider the land, its value and its connection to the environment. When we build a wind farm, we lease property for the life of the project.

If you have strong wind on your property, we can help transform the natural resource into a valuable, long-term asset. We give answers about financial agreements and payments. We have refined our option and lease agreement to address landowner concerns while we secure project financing. PNE USA values alliances with landowners. 

Landowners who partner with PNE USA benefit from years of experience across the world. We know the land and address questions about your property early in the development process to ensure success of the project and protection of your land.

  • ​Did you know that wind energy provided our nation 35% of all new generating capacity over the past 4 years?
  • ​How about that a modern wind turbine now produces 15 times more electricity than the typical turbine in 1990?
  • Or, that a wind-powered electric car would cost the equivalent of 70 cents per gallon at the pump?

The time for waiting is over. American wind power is a clean, affordable and homegrown answer to meeting our nations energy demands. Join us in demanding that our nation take the concrete steps needed to increase investments in American wind power,

Option and Lease Agreement

The agreement consists of the option phase and the lease phase. The option phase gives PNE USA the time to measure the wind, secure access to transmission, obtain various permits and perform numerous studies. PNE USA will execute the lease once the project is ready to be constructed.


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