PNE Group is developing a comprehensive pipeline:

The PNE Group has built wind farms with some 1,500 wind turbines and 2,600 MW of total nominal output. Three offshore wind projects developed by PNE AG with approx. 900 MW have also been put into operation. The PNE Group is investing in dynamic growth markets including USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and South Africa.

The PNE Group has a comprehensive project pipeline with some 4,700 MW onshore and several offshore projects.

PNE USA has recently completed development and sale of the 80MW Vivaldi Stillwater Wind Project in Montana to Pattern Development. Sale information here.

PNE USA, Inc. is developing a 500 MW pipeline.

Select PNE WIND Projects under Development:

Chilocco Wind Farm
Kay County, Oklahoma
Expected COD- 2020
Capacity: 200MW

Chilocco is the largest U.S. wind project to be fully situated on Native American land, with strong support and cooperation from the involved tribes.

Belle Fourche Wind Farm
Belle Fourche and Butte Counties, South Dakota
Expected COD- early development phase
Capacity: 30 MW

Saskatchewan, Canada
Rural Municipalities: Whiska, Watson, Wadena, PIlger, Eston, Coulee, Climax
Expected COD- early development phase
Capacity: 555MW


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