PNE Group: Quaero European Infrastructure Fund acquires an additional three WKN wind farms in France

Cuxhaven/Husum, January 7, 2019 – WKN GmbH, part of the PNE Group, has sold the project rights for three French wind farms with a total output of 27 megawatts to Quaero European Infrastructure Fund.

Two of the three wind farm projects are in the windy northern France region. The Daméraucourt wind farm is made up of six wind turbines, and the Dargies II wind farm has three wind turbines.

Project Maisonnais, which was also sold to Quaero, consists of three wind turbines and is in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region in western France.

Quaero European Infrastructure Fund had already acquired two French wind farm projects from WKN at the turn of the year between 2017 and 2018.

Roland Stanze, Managing Director of WKN GmbH: “We are delighted that we, the PNE Group, have been able to reach such a successful conclusion with Quaero, and are now very much looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration.”

Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE: “After the project sales and achievements of the past few years, this is yet another great success on the French wind energy market. France is increasingly gaining significance for the PNE Group.”

Sébastien Bourget, Managing Partner Quaero Capital and Head of Quaero European Infrastructure Fund: “We are very happy with our collaboration with WKN. This transaction fits perfectly within our strategy of teaming up with key industrial partners in the sector. It is also significant as our portfolio has now reached the key milestone of 100MW of wind farms in operation and construction, thus strengthening our strong root in the renewable energy sector ”.


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