PNE AG: Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for 11 wind farms with more than 170 MW

  • Contracts for more than 1 TWh of green electricity already successfully negotiated
  • Market price level can be guaranteed

Cuxhaven, February 15, 2022 – The PNE Group has achieved another success with the conclusion of further power purchase agreements (PPAs) for wind farms with a total nominal capacity of more than 170 MW and an electricity generation volume of approx. 350 GWh. To date, PNE has already successfully negotiated contracts for over 1 TWh of green electricity.  

A large part of the PPAs was negotiated by the PNE Group as a service provider for external wind farm companies with various marketers. Due to the current high market prices for electricity, the PNE Group has expanded its range of services by transaction consultancy and PPA brokerage. In the future, wind farm companies will also benefit from products that can be used to hedge the high market price level for projects falling under the EEG remuneration.

Together with selected marketers, the PNE Group has developed PPAs which are tailor-made, in particular, to the flexibility requirements of the operation of wind turbines that are no longer subsidised and which can secure financial revenue potential for the operators, especially in this very volatile market phase. In this context, the PNE Group supports the operators, among other things, in the search for a marketer and in the conclusion of pre-negotiated contracts. In this respect, the PNE Group acts as a "translator" between the plant operator and the electricity consumer. Due to the strong network and the volume of the PNE Group on the electricity market, attractive conditions can also be offered for small wind farms.

Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE AG: "The conclusion of these PPAs is a great success for all parties involved. The PNE Group has enabled economically sensible deals for wind farm operators with innovative solutions. Our experience in this field has thus paid off once again."