Further PPAs successfully concluded: PNE has brokered power purchase agreements (PPAs) with a total capacity of 30 megawatts

  • Power purchase agreements brokered for four post-EEG wind farms
  • PPA volume brokered by PNE increased to 170 megawatts

Cuxhaven, July 22, 2021 – The PNE Group succeeded in brokering further power purchase agreements (PPAs) with a capacity of approx. 30 megawatts, thus increasing the PPA volume brokered to date to 170 megawatts of installed wind capacity.

Using the expertise of the PNE Group, operators of post-EEG wind farms have once again concluded flexible power purchase agreements for the next few years. In this way, economic fixed prices could be set for the next year.

Together with selected marketers, the PNE Group has devised power purchase agreements (PPAs), which are tailor-made, in particular, to the flexibility requirements of the operation of wind turbines that are no longer subsidised and which can flexibly cushion the operators' risks in this phase. In this context, PNE supports the operators, among other things, in finding a marketer and in concluding pre-negotiated contracts and acts as a "translator" between the wind farm operator and the electricity purchaser. Due to the strong network and the volume of the PNE Group on the electricity market, attractive conditions can also be offered for small wind farms.

After conclusion of the agreement, PNE also advises the operator with respect to the timing of price fixing on the futures market in order to achieve the highest possible fixed power purchase price for the operators. The plant operator can choose flexibly between variable spot and fixed prices for each year of the term of the agreement. In addition, operators have the option of terminating the agreement if they make use of repowering.

Further negotiations on the conclusion of PPAs are currently underway so that PNE expects a traded energy volume of more than one terawatt hour by the end of the year.

Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE AG: "With these successful contracts, PNE was able to increase the brokered PPA volume to 170 megawatts and thus ensure the continued economic operation of more than 20 wind farms. As a result, we succeeded in further expanding our leading position in this field."